Tomatoe and Its Advantages

According to the Latin name, Tomato or Lycopersicum Esculentum derived from the word Lycos (wolf), persica (fruit) and esculenta (eatable). It appears from the name implied there was something strange? It’s true. Initially, wild tomato plant are considered toxic or often called as ‘golden apples poisonous’. At that time, tomato perceived as tomatine toxic or Lycopersicin.

Then, as times goes by, tomato started known as a nutritious fruit. Thus, the meaning of the latin planting is changing, which finally understood that tomatoes are good to eat. Like, italian likes to consume tomato sauce because of its taste, so that the tomato is called Podo d’moro. While in France called ‘apple of love’ or Pomme d’amour, because by eating tomatoes can restore impotence.
In the past, to change the people perception of tomato is not easy. It takes time and sustained struggle. Thus, there was Dr. John Cook Bennett, chairman of the faculty of medicine Wiloughby University in Ohio. It was the month of November 1834 in lecture hall faculty, Bennett said in a loud voice, “Tomatoes can treat diarrhea, gall attack, dispepsa (indigestion), and prevent cholera!”. And more, Bennett said that by drinking tomato juice, liver function will recover.

We know that the orange color of tomatoes showed there is carotenoids act as provitamin A in tomatoes, while the red color shows the content of lycopene which also serves to prevent vitamin A deficiency disease (Xerophthalmia). The sour taste of tomato is caused by Adderin the citric acid content that act as clotter.

Now you can make your own tomato juice, easy and simple. Wash the tomatoes, then cut into four parts. Enter into a blender/juicer. If you want to add flavor aroma and taste, please add a little cayenne pepper and a drop of concentrated orange juice. Then blend it until smooth and drink with pulp.There are many benefits of tomato

Indeed, there are many benefits of tomatoes. If the full ripe tomatoes are always have an alkaline aroma and a little sour. This is because tomatoes have a lot of mineral salts. Minerals that stimulate saliva, thereby increasing hunger and at the same time allows the food to digest better. So, consuming tomatoes may increase eating appetite.

If at any time you sprained or dislocated, do not worry. Cure it with tomato mixture. The trick, blend the tomatoes, then the juice is mixed with sesame oil, with a ratio of 1:1. then, heated until oil form. After that, the oil used to massage the joints that had been sprained. Furthermore, if there are ulcers, simply take the tomatoes are heated and placed on the abscess. Soon the abscess broke and at the same time can heal.

John Cook Bennett, also recommend, it’s good every morning eating one or two of tomatoes for several months. Efficacy to prevent the formation of stones in the urinary tract, helping to cure gout, tuberkulose and asthma. “For people with heart disease, hemorrhoids and indigestion, it is recommended to eat lots of tomatoes”, Bennett said. Although it form of fruit, in the United States, tomatoes are grouped into the vegetables. Do not know what is the argument, certainly, this round fruit save a lot of privileges.

Besides as food, it also can make us look more attractive, healthy, even treating various diseases. Example of chronic acne problems. Tomatoes can overcome this acne. Way, ripe tomatoes cut into pieces and rub gently on face. Every day, if you are diligent care in this way, I hope your face is free from acne. Could be, this healing process is due to the tomatine content in tomatoes is efficacious as an anti-inflammatory.

Tomatoes also contain carotene and vitamin C is efficacious as an antioxidant. Meanwhile, its citrate acid also carry dirt and grease on face. But then, you should still avoid the cause of acne, so the tomato do not just enough to be regarded as vegetable or fruit, but also herbs.